• Oceanside Wedding Arch

    Oceanside Wedding Arch

  • The Bride and Wedding Guests

    The Bride and Wedding Guests

  • The Wedding Reception Dancing

    The Wedding Reception Dancing

  • The Beautiful Bride!

    The Beautiful Bride!

  • The Surprise Bagpiper!

    The Surprise Bagpiper!

Wedding Planning for Boston, MA

Wedding Planning South Shore, MA

Boston, MA Wedding Planning

Wedding planning should be exquisite in every way – personal, detailed, romantic. The team at Boston, MA’s MCM Design Management has been designing spaces, events, and more for decades. The team focuses on the details that make an experience unique and unforgettable, while managing the entire wedding planning process and day of the event so that you can enjoy everything your special day is about.

Experience in all aspects of wedding planning

  • menu planning and catering
  • invitations
  • floral art design and decorating
  • art and photo installation
  • choosing color palettes
  • design accents
  • music selection and hiring
  • seasonal wedding design
  • guest take-home gifts
  • table settings
  • gift and display tables
  • slideshows and photo displays

Wedding planning that delights all the senses

The unique aspect that MCM Design Management brings to Boston, MA wedding planning is a focus on engaging all five senses. Designing aspects that appeal to each sense creates a decadent experience that will truly delight every guest. From the moment they walk in, they may experience the smell of flowers or candles and the site of a beautiful wedding scene. They’ll experience the feel of linens on the tables and the taste of delicious food. Later, they may dance to the sounds of music and listen to memories shared. We work to engage all these senses into one coordinated effort that makes your event completely all its own. If it’s wedding planning in Boston, MA, it’s MCM Design Management – a team with more than 25 years of experience in bringing you exquisite, engaging wedding planning design.