The “Renewal™” Experience!

You will be amazed! Marilyn and the MCM Design Management Team work closely with their clients who wish to Renew™ a room or rooms or an event for your home, office or occasion. They offer an innovative, fixed-fee design service that includes inventorying the items you already own and they will then complete a Renewal™ design or your selected room/rooms, office or occasion. With your permission, they will go through your cabinets, closets, drawers, attic, basement, garage, etc. to find items to use. Often you already own more than 50% of what is needed to Renew your space. Any additional items that need to be purchased will be approved by you before final purchase. They can complete this Renewal in a short time frame and just in time for your special event or party: births, charitable gatherings, graduations, holidays, religious celebrations, trade shows or weddings.