Marilyn and the MCM Design Management Team (“Team”) have adopted a unique pricing system. They will provide their design consultation and development for an innovative fixed-fee price by type and size of room, so their client knows exactly what the cost of their expertise will be for each room. They will also quote a fixed-fee price to do specific design accents or elements within a room or rooms. Their skills are generally not billed by the hour and local travel is provided to the clients at no charge. Costs for any needed appliances, art (floor, table and wall), built-ins, cabinetry, countertops, decorative accents and elements, entertainment areas, equipment, fabrications, fixtures, flooring, furniture, lighting, materials, tablescapes and textiles will be billed to clients at their actual cost, thus the client gets the benefit of discounts they might receive through their industry contacts. Payment terms are simple – normally half at the beginning of the project and half at the completion of the project. A professional notebook with original receipts, warranties, contracts, care instructions, etc. will be prepared for their client and presented at the completion of the project. Marilyn and the Team are also happy to provide their clients with a tour through Marilyn’s home, gardens and greenhouse to show their clients their extensive focus on full space utilization in all areas of a home.